Twitter is the oldest and most commonly known microblogging service.

It started very simply and, as with many social media services including Facebook and Google, grew out of the way that subscribers used the service.

Educators quickly saw the possibilities and have been very active on Twitter from the beginning. What has emerged is a new way of teaching and learning, one that has resulted in new theories of the way people learn.

Here is a wiki of Teachers on Twitter.
Twitter itself has many more ways of discovering Canadian K-12 educators on Twitter. For example, Ontario Teacher Michelle Horst has compiled a number of specific lists of Canadian Educators on Twitter.

Many useful Guides exist for Educators using Twitter.
Twitter help pages have a wide range of resources for the basics.
Other resources are specific to Teachers like

Teachers Guide to Twitter

Other resources expand on the wide variety of topics and issues related to Twitter and the many third party applications associated with Twitter.
What is a hashtag

Create an anonymous Twitter account and follow @ggatin. I will be using the hashtag #BU03361 for this class. Curate your account as a professional educator to share resources specific to ICT in Manitoba K-12 education.