Wikipedia recommends that new contributors and editors use a temporary practice space, called a sandbox, to explore the platform and develop awareness of the community.

Create a Wikipedia account anchored by your course alias.
Use your sandbox and the sandbox tutorials to begin an article for Wikipedia relating to the use of Wikipedia in Education.
Articles must conform to Wikipedia guidelines with respect to the five pillars:
  • free content
  • reliable sources
  • neutral point of view
  • notability
  • good faith

Use Zotero to manage your resources in Wikipedia.

Post screenshots or video capture of your Wikipedia article on your blog. While an expectation exists that you will create a publishable Wikipedia entry your work will be assessed by the course instructor rather than by the Wikipedia community. You are encouraged to publish.

Wikipedia offers many resources and tutorials for beginning contributors and editors. Other related resources will be shared in Zotero Group collection and on Twitter with the hashtag #BU03361

Training resources

Contribute to the Simple Wikipedia project

Wikipedia has many other ongoing projects some of them specific to education.

How to create a Wikipedia entry video.